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    600ml 15W Transducer Plastic Ultrasonic Cleaner 12V

    600ml 15W Transducer Plastic Ultrasonic Cleaner 12V

    Brand Name: AG SONIC
    Certification: CE FCC ROHS
    Model Number: MK-186
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
    Delivery Time: 3 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal
    AG Sonic Technology limited
    Verified Supplier
    Shenzhen Guangdong China
    Business type: Manufacturer Distributor/Wholesaler Exporter Seller
    Dongbao Industrial Park, Number 151, Jiangshi Road, Gongming, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 518106.
    Supplier`s last login times: within 36 hours

    10 years manufacturing OEM Ultrasonic Cleaner jewellery plastic bath sonicator 12V

    Why Ultrasound?

    It’s efficient, clean, green and cost-effective.

    Most importantly, it works.

    A powerful cleaning solution is now as simple as soap, water and some mighty little bubbles.

    Ultrasonic cleaning technology is fast, gentle and extremely powerful. It uses microscopic cavitation bubbles and specially

    formulated eco-friendly solutions to search every crease and crevice and eliminate even stubborn or difficult-to-reach contaminants, including grease, dirt, hydrocarbons, metal

    shavings, buffing/polishing compounds, carbon deposits, mold release and more.


    Features: One-button operation, minimal and fashionable style design

    NameUltrasonic Cleaner
    Ultrasonic Frequency (kHz)50kHz
    Ultrasonic Power(w)15w
    Rated Voltage (V)DC 12V 2A
    Adapter VoltageAC 100-240V
    Tank Capacity (ml)600ml
    Tank MaterialSUS304
    Tank Size(mm)180*70*55
    Overall Size(mm)235*95*65
    AccessoriesAdapter *1+Manual *1
    ColorWhite/Black/Blue/Light Blue/Army Green

    Ultrasonic Cleaners for Jewelry Industries

    Ultrasonic Cleaners for Jewelry Industries is so powerful that it can clean with water alone. This ultrasonic cleaner is used for cleaning Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Coins, Watches Straps and Bands etc. Eye Care Glasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lens. We also offer carat cleaning machine. Our entire product range is easy to use and is acclaimed for high functionality.

    ?Isolated-Circuit Design, Keep Water Away for Extra Safety
    ?Large Digital Timer Display for Precise Cleaning Time Control
    ?Wide dipping tub with spill proof cover that can safely store tarnish-removing solution between uses. This is perfect to remove tarnish from silver, copper and gold

    Ultrasonic cleaners Benefits and features

    Powerful Ultrasonic cleaning

    Engineered for optimum results, Piezo-ceramic transducer elements produce a powerful ultrasonic effect for most difficult of cleaning tasks.

    Durable construction

    Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, both internally and externally, the tanks are easy to maintain and keep clean.

    Safe and user friendly

    Ultrasonics is ideal for cleaning complex components. With its unique ability ultrasonics will remove all the contamination from medical device components during the manufacturing process. Ultrasonics is fast and effective cleaning far above all medical cleaning standards.

    Ultrasonics WILL; reduce the manual process which increases the lifespan of the items; it improves the consistency of the cleanliness and is one of the lease time consuming methods for cleaning

    A few tips for getting the best cleaning:

    -Put your glasses lense facing up so it does not get scratched by the vibration.

    -When cleaning watches make sure the crown is closed and tight. If the battery has been changed on the watch, do not submerge the whole watch into the solution, do just the band. Water can get into the movement and cause damage.

    -This can be used to clean silver, however it is not made to remove tarnish. If your silver is yellow/brown, use a tarnish remover.

    -When cleaning diamond jewelry, keep the pieces spaced out. Diamond can scratch diamond.

    -If your ring has multiple stones and you wear it everyday check the stones to make sure it's not loose. Loose stones can fall out with the vibration. If you hear rattling, go see your jeweler. Most jewelers can inspect your jewelry for you.

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    600ml 15W Transducer Plastic Ultrasonic Cleaner 12V