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    Lubchem Valve lubricants, flushes, and sealants

    Lubchem Valve lubricants, flushes, and sealants

    Brand Name: Lubchem
    Model Number: Everlast 1
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Delivery Time: 2wks
    Payment Terms: TT
    Place of Origin: USA
    Shenzhen PMZ Technology Inc.
    Active Member
    Shenzhen Guangdong
    Business type:
    Telephone : 86-755-26938629
    Room201, A building, No.1, Qianwan Yi Road, Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation zone,Qianhai District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
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    For products, inquiries, and ordering information, send toinfo (at)pmztechnology(doc)com

    Lubchem is a high quality manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals and lubricants for the oilfield, refining, petrochemical, and mining industries.

    · Valve lubricants, flushes, and sealants

    · Lubricants for equipment and maintenance

    · Pipeline cleaners and corrosion inhibitors

    · Wireline products

    · Biodegradable oil sheen dispersants

    · Processed castor/vegetable oils

    For product, MSDS could be offered.

    Valve Saver AW - Valve Cleaner/Lubricant

    Valve Saver - Valve Cleaner

    Lubchem V-Clean - Liquid Valve Cleaner

    Lubchem Valve Flush

    Winter/Arctic Grade Lubricants

    LUBCHEM Everlast 1 Winter Grade Low Temp Multi-Purpose

    LUBCHEM Everlast 3 WG/AG Low Temp/High Pressure

    LUBCHEM Everlast 50-300 Low Temperature H2S/CO2

    LUBCHEM Everlast 960 WG - Low Temp Hydrocarbon Resistant Lubricant/Sealant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 960 AG - Hydrocarbon Resistant Lubricant/Sealant

    LUBCHEM Longlife 1600 A - Arctic Grade Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Longlife Moly LT - Heavy Duty Moly Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Regular Grade Lubricants

    LUBCHEM Everlast 1 Multi-Purpose Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 3 High Temp/High Pressure

    LUBCHEM Everlast 118 High Temp Valve Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 1000 High Temperature Valve Lube

    LUBCHEM Everlast 4 Hydrocarbon Resistant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 4B Gate Valve Lubricant Sealant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 116 Multi-Purpose Valve Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 117 EP Valve Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 146 Hydrocarbon Resistant

    LUBCHEM Everlast 620 for High Pressure Plug Valves

    LUBCHEM Everlast 50-400 High Visc Plug Valve H2S-CO2

    LUBCHEM Everlast 50-400 H2S and CO2 Ball and Gate Valve

    LUBCHEM Everlast 960 - Hydrocarbon Resistant Lubricant/Sealant

    LUBCHEM 102 Special - Peanut Butter Type - Standard and Creamy

    LUBCHEM Longlife 1600 - Multi-Purpose Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Longlife 1603 - Multi-Purpose Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Longlife Moly - Heavy Duty Moly Lubricant

    LUBCHEM LZ-11 - Silicone Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Longlife SRL-50 - Sucker Rod Lubricant

    LUBCHEM Longlife 1200 - Synthetic Hydrocarbon Grease

    Longlife 1607 - High-Temp Multi-Purpose

    LUBCHEM Winter/Arctic Grade Lubricants

    LUBCHEM Formasil RS - Winter Grade Sealant

    LUBCHEM Formasil CO2 - Winter Grade Sealant

    LUBCHEM Regular Grade Lubricants

    LUBCHEM 196 Sealant - for McEvoy Valves

    LUBCHEM Formasil RS - Valve Sealant

    LUBCHEM Formasil HD - Valve Sealant

    LUBCHEM Formasil RG - Valve Sealant

    LUBCHEM Formasil H2O - Valve Sealant

    LUBCHEM Formasil CO2 - Valve Sealant

    LUBCHEM TFE Seal Valve Stem Packing

    LUBCHEM Model 35-50 Bucket Pump

    LUBCHEM Model 45-100 Bucket Pump

    LUBCHEM Force Flow 100

    Lubchem 1200 and 1500 Lube Pumps

    Lubchem Model 1000 Hydraulic Hand Pump

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    Lubchem Lubricant


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    Lubchem Valve lubricants, flushes, and sealants