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    good after-sale service Steel Rod Heat Machine Induction Forging Boiler With New Technology

    good after-sale service Steel Rod Heat Machine Induction Forging Boiler With New Technology

    Brand Name: LIPAI
    Certification: ISO9001
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
    Delivery Time: 5-20DAYS
    Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,cash,customize
    Place of Origin: henan
    Zhengzhou Gou's Electromagnetic Induction Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Site Member
    Zhengzhou Henan
    Business type: Manufacturer, TradingCompany
    Telephone : 86-0371-53778428
    Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, First Avenue and No. 16 by the North all the way
    Supplier`s last login times: within 42 hours

    AdvantagesofZhengzhou Gaos Induction Forging Boiler :

    1)Heating fast

    this is the heating rateof less than 1 second (speed adjustable speed control)
    2)Heating wide
    wide range of metal parts can be heated (according to the different shape of the workpiece replacement of removable induction loop)
    3)Easy installation
    connect the power, induction loop and out of the water can be used; small size, light weight, easy to use
    4)Simple operation
    a few minutes to learn
    5)Start fast
    you can start with water after the heating power
    6)Low power consumption
    high-frequency device than the old-fashioned tube about 70% energy saving, the smaller the power consumption of the smaller parts
    7)Good effect
    the heating is very uniform (also by regulating the induction coil density, so that all parts of the workpiece to obtain their desired temperature), heating up fast, less oxide layer after annealing without waste
    8)Adjustable power
    The Promise adjust the output power
    9)Protection all
    with over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of water and other alarm indicator, and automatic control and protection

    Applications of WH-VI-50kw Induction Forging Boiler:

    This model of WH-VI-50 induction heating furnace is particularly suitable for :

    1.smaller bolt of hot forging.

    2. forged hand tools.
    3.gears,sprockets quenching.

    4.cutter,geological drill welding.

    5. non-ferrous metals,graphite crucible melting.

    One---Heat treatment industry

    1, a variety of steam, Motorcycle high-frequency hardening heat treatment, such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valves, various gears within the gearbox, a variety of fork, all kinds of spline shaft, drive axle, various small shaft crank pin, a variety of rocker, rocker shaft, high-frequency hardening heat treatment.
    2, the hardware high-frequency hardening heat treatment, such as pliers, hammers, strong pliers, wrenches.
    3, hydraulic components such as: piston pump plunger, rotor pump rotor, conversion shaft of the valves, gear of gear pump high frequency quenching.
    4, various electric tools gear shaft of the high-frequency hardening heat treatment.
    5, a variety of carpentry tools, such as: axes, planing and other heat treatment.

    Two---Forging industry
    1, plate heating, bending and forming.
    2, standard parts, fasteners through the hot forming.
    3, the hardware tools through heat, such as pliers, wrenches and other heat through hot forming.
    4, taper shank drill rod extrusion prospecting.
    5, the pipe through the hot forming, such as bends and so on.
    1, carbide cutting tools welding. Such as turning, milling, cutter knife.
    2, the diamond saw blade welding. Such as diamond saw blade, abrasive, jagged welding. Exploration drill bit used in welding, such as word drill, drill welding horns.
    3, brass, copper


    Steel,iron, non-ferrous metals,graphite crucible smelting

    10~40KHZ Series induction heating boiler technology parameter:


    Oscillation Frequency



    Cooling water flow


    Cooling water flow(host)

    Max out put power

    Max input current

    Host weight


    Transformer weight(kg)



    Three phrase380V50-60Hz









    20L/min (0.1MPa)











    Heat Treatment Euipment Selection Reference:


    Oscillation Frequency

    hardening layerdepth

    Heating depth of metal bar

    steel billet


    High Frequency



    Less than 13mm

    Supersonic Frequency




    Medium Frequency





    1, The frequency range of different type of induction heating equipment ?

    As the example of hardening/ quenching, it's range as follows:

    TypeDifine ScopeDepth of quenching
    Super-audio frequency10KHz--50KHz1.5-2.5mm
    Intermediate frequency500Hz--10KHz3.0-10mm

    2. The working theory of electromagnetic induction heating equipment ?

    The current through the induction, the copper coil generally, there will produce alternating magnetic field, as the workpiece was put into the induction, the workpiece's surface will cutting alternating magnetic field lines and the workpiece will have alternating current. Then these current will made the atom of the workpiece processing irregularly, the workpiece's temperature will be increasing rapidly for the atoms' severly friction. finally achieve our heating goals.

    3. The types of equipment ? Customized whether allowed ?

    We produce different type equipment such as : 16kw, 30kw, 50kw, 60kw, 80kw, 100kw, 120kw, 160kw, 200kw, 400kw.

    The induction heating equipment could be produced according to your requirements.

    The suitable equipment we could recommended need the special workpiece you offered.

    4. The certification of company ?

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    induction heating machine


    forging equiment


    energy saving


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    good after-sale service Steel Rod Heat Machine Induction Forging Boiler With New