Friday News Bites
by Jack Kanefield
  • NEWS BITES FOR REAL: A recent health care reform protest in California turned violent, when an anti-reformer punched a pro-reformer. In retaliation, the pro-reformer then bit off the tip of his pinky. Yes, you read that right. The finger was severed near the top knuckle, and was not reattached due to risk of infection. Oh, by the way…the anti-reformer, who was treated at the hospital? He has MediCare.
  • CHILDHOOD OBESITY PREVENTION: Twelve recommendations to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity. These are good ideas but what I want to know is, who gets to determine what “healthy eating” is? Is this campaign going to be funded by Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? Are children going to be told to eat lowfat foods and select diet sodas instead of regular?? Or are they going to get some real information?
  • TIME FOR LUNCH: And speaking of childhood obesity, don’t forget to attend your local Slow Food Eat In on Labor Day! This potluck is designed to raise awareness of the need for healthy food in schools, and of the Time For Lunch campaign, in which Congress is requested to allocate an additional $1 per child per lunch.